una - gather (v.)
unyapa - carry a burden (v.)
unyetsa - do insufficiently (v.)
unyetsa - drive an animal only halfway (v.)
unyetsa - tell only part of an affair (v.)
upa - correct a person (v.)
upella - put charms on something (v.)
upolla - dig out (v.)
upolla - reveal (v.)
upolla - unearth (v.)
uputsa - poke a fire (v.)
uta - put in (v.)
uta - sink in the ground (v.)
utela - chase for a long time (v.)
utela - drive away (v.)
utla - snatch away (v.)
utlolla - steal (v.)
utlwa - feel (v.)
utlwa - hear (v.)
utlwana - hear each other (v.)
utlwane - heard each other (v.)
utlwile bohloko - sorry (be ...)
utlwisisa - hear good (v.)
utlwisisa - understand
utswa - steal (v.)
utswitse - stole (v.)

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Jako Olivier (2006)