Sesotho Research

This page lists Sesotho language research papers and materials.

The first part of the lists contains items available on the Internet.

CUTLER, Anne, DEMUTH, Katherine & MCQUEEN, James. M. (2002)
Psychological science, v 13, p 258-262.
Universality versus language-specificity in listening to running speech

DEMUTH, Katherine (1989)
Maturation and the acquisition of Sesotho passives

DEMUTH, Katherine (1990)
Locatives, impersonals, and expletives in Sesotho

DEMUTH, Katherine (1990)
Subject, topic, and the Sesotho passive

DEMUTH, Katherine (1992)
Accessing functional categories in Sesotho: interactions at the morpho-syntax interface

DEMUTH, Katherine (1992)
From: The cross-linguistic study of language acquisition
Acquisition of Sesotho

DEMUTH, Katherine (1992)
Acquisition of Sesotho.

DEMUTH, Katherine (1993)
Journal of child language, v 20, p 275-301.
Issues in the acquisition of the Sesotho tonal system

DEMUTH, Katherine (1995)
Problems in the acquisition of tonal languages

DEMUTH, Katherine (1998)
Argument structure and the acquisition of Sesotho applicatives

DEMUTH, Katherine
Sesotho Corpus

DEMUTH, Katherine; MACHOBANE, Malillo; MOLOI, Francina & ODATO, Christopher Odato (2005)
Learning animacy hierarcy effects in Sesotho double object applicatives

GUMA, Mthobeli. 2001
Nordic Journal of African Studies 10(3): 265-279
The Cultural Meaning of Names among Basotho of Southern Africa: A Historical and Linguistic Analysis.

Peace Corps Lesotho.
Language manual II - Sesotho (ERIC# ED401739)

ROSE, Yvan & DEMUTH, Katherine.
Vowel epenthesis in loanword adaptation: representational and phonetic considerations

SEKERE, Ntaoleng Belina (2005)
Sociolinguistic variation in spoken and written Sesotho: a case study of speech varieties in QwaQwa (MA thesis : UNISA, South Africa)

ZERBIAN, Sabine (2006)
High Tone Spread in the Sotho Verb.

ZERBIAN, Sabine (2006)
High Tone Spread in the Sotho Verb.

ZIESLER, Y. & DEMUTH, Katherine (1995)
Noun class prefixes in Sesotho child-directed speech

Other research papers, theses, dissertations and material

BAUCOM, K.L. (1969)
Spoken and written Sesotho: Two forms of language
(Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA : University Microfilms International)

Tense and aspect in Sesotho
(Unpublished Doctoral thesis - University of Cape Town)

DU PLESSIS, J.A. & VISSER, M. (1995)
Sesotho syntax
(Stellenbosch Communication in African Languages - University of Stellenbosch)

EMSLIE, C.F. (1997)
Phonological aspects of loan words from English in Southern Sotho
(Unpublished Masters dissertation - University of Orange Free State, Bloemfontein)

GERBER, C. (1955)
Die relatiefkonstruksie in Suid-Sotho (The relative construction in Southern Sotho)
(Unpublished MA dissertation - University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch.)

'n Kritiese ontleding van die aard en ontwikkeling van die novelle in Suid-Sotho (A critical study of the nature and development of the novel in Southern Sotho)
(Unpublished Doctoral thesis - University of Orange Free State, Bloemfontein)

GUMA, S.M. (1951)
A comparative study of the ideophone in Sotho
(Unpublished Masters dissertation - Cape Town University)

KALANE, E.M. (1996)
Afrikaans and English codeswitching patterns amongst the South Sotho speaker
(Unpublished Masters dissertation - University of the Witwatersrand)

KOCK, L.J. (1981)

Die Ideofoon in Suid-Sotho
(The ideophone in Southern Sotho)
(Unpublished Masters dissertation - RAU, Johannesburg)

KUNENE, D.P. (1961)
The Sound System of Southern Sotho
(Unpublished Doctoral thesis - University of Cape Town)

KUNENE, D.P. (1974)
Heroic poetry of the Basotho
(London: Oxford University Press)

LAAS, J.A.M. (1984)
Woorbou en woordanalise in Suid-Sotho
(Unpublished Masters dissertation - PU vir CHO, Potchefstroom)

LANDSBERG, G.A. (1974)
Elisie in Suid-Sotho
(Elision in Southern Sotho)
(Unpublished Masters dissertation - PU vir CHO, Potchefstroom)

LESOETSA, N.P. (1997)
Aspects of language change and variation in Sesotho
(D.Litt et Phil. Thesis - University of Port Elizabeth, Port Elizabeth)

LETELE, G.L. (1955)
The role of tone in the Southern Sotho language
(Unpublished Doctoral thesis - University of Fort Hare)

The negative morphemes ha and a in Sesotho and Tshivenda
(South African Journal of African Languages 2002(3):224-238)

MACHOBANE, M. (1985)
Tense and Aspect in Sesotho
(Indiana University Linguistics Club)

MACHOBANE, M. (1989)
Some restrictions of transitivizing morphemes in Sesotho
(PhD dissertation - McGill University, Montréal)

MAPHIKE, P.R.S. (1991)

History of Southern Sotho literature as a system, 1930-1960
(Unpublished Doctoral thesis - University of South Africa, Pretoria)

MATLA, T.M. (1999)
The expression of the negative in Sesotho
(Unpublished Masters dissertation - University of Stellenbosch)

MATSABA, J.K. (1971)
Notes on the teaching of Southern Sotho language work in Lesotho primary schools
(Morija: Morija Sesuto Book Depot)

MOCHABA, M.B. (1999)
Translating the international bill of human rights into Sesotho, problems and solutions
(National University of Lesotho Press, Roma)

MOCHABA, M.B. (1979)
Lilotho tsa Basotho
(Unpublished B.A. Project - National University of Lesotho Press, Roma)

MOHATLANE, E.J. (2002)
Tragedy in selected Sesotho novels.
(Unpublished Doctoral thesis - University of Stellenbosch)

MOLOI, A.J.M. (1973)
The Southern Sotho novel: a study of its form, theme and expression
(Unpublished Doctoral thesis - University of the North, Sovenga)

MOSIDIDI, B.P. (1977)
A Critical Review of the Treatment and Classification of the Ideophone in Southern Sotho
(Unpublished Honours article - University of South Africa, Pretoria)

Sesotho language and culture
(NUL Publishing House - Roma, Lesotho)

PAQUET, G.S. (1965)

Our Southern Sesotho orthography
(Mazenod: Catholic Centre)

RAMONE, E. (1992)
Ditransitive Applied Verbs in Southern Sotho
(Unpublished Masters dissertation - University of Stellenbosch)

TEKATEKA, J.M.K. (1967)
A critical literary survey of Thomas Mofolo's writing
(Unpublished Masters dissertation - University of South Africa, Pretoria)

TUCKER, A. (1929; 1969)
The comparative phonetics of the Suto-Chuana group of Bantu languages
(Longmans, Green & Co; London, 1929) / (Gregg International Publishers, 1969)

VAN EEDEN, B.I.C. (1941)
Inleiding tot die Studie van Suid-Sotho (Die "Sesoeto" van Basoetoland en dele van die OVS.) (Introduction to the Study of Southern Sotho)
(Pro Ecclesia, Stellenbosch)

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